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Quantum Mechanics - 10th-12th

In 1894, physicist Albert Michelson declared that the important ideas of physics had already been found and that all that was left was to figure out the details to greater and greater precision.   How wrong his idea turned out to be!  Just six years later, Max Planck introduced to the world the revolutionary idea that energy was quantized and can only exist at specific levels.   This discovery brought physics into the amazing, and often quirky, world of quantum physics and quantum mechanics, a field that has yielded seven Nobel Prize awards in physics in the span of 30 years!

In this class after a brief discussion of classical physics we will learn about the quantum world introduced by Planck, the quantum view of the atom, and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.   We will then dive into the even stranger world of quantum mechanics and probability wave functions and the concepts of parallel universes.   Throughout the entire course we will be interjecting philosophy and culture into the physics to see how quantum mechanics, an esoteric physics principle, has come to influence so much of popular thought.

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