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Science and Engineering

History of our Pioneering Science Camps

Education Unlimited launched our science camp programs through a unique partnership with Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. Driven by a shared mission, to foster a love of science in young women and girls, we came together with Dr. Ride and her organization to develop core curriculum in the areas of marine science, astronomy, and robotics. In 2005, our first science program was offered on the Stanford University campus, known as the Sally Ride Science Camp For Girls. In 2006, we expanded Sally Ride Science Camp For Girls to other locations and over time added offerings that include Neuroanatomy and Introduction to Engineering. In 2015, after Dr. Ride’s passing, the program was re-named Science Camp For Girls. In conjunction with this, we launched an array of coed science programs to offer summer STEM enrichment to all students. By holding both tracks, we remain committed to the enrichment and advancement of all students in the environment they feel most comfortable learning in.


Our Growing & Dynamic Science Offerings

It has been our mission to maintain this passion for growing the number of young people who go on to enter science fields. Updated each year to keep the camp experience fresh and current, our curricula aim to combine summer fun with scientific exploration. Our students “learn by doing” in our immersive science programs through hands-on experiments and innovative labs in a diverse range of subjects including engineering, robotics, astrophysics, and many more. Past curricula have included activities such as sheep brain dissections, tide pool viewings, iterative robot designing, sunspotting, and using spectroscopes to stratify elements of light. We challenge our science students to think critically about the world in which they live, to learn how to ask questions that matter, and to become engaged with the process of scientific exploration.

Explore our program offerings below!

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Girls Camps     Coed Camps
Anatomy & Physiology Grades 4th-6th Astronomy Grades 6th-8th
Astronomy Grades 6th-8th Astrophysics Grades 9th-10th
Intro to Engineering Grades 4th-6th Neuroanatomy Grades 9th-10th
Marine Science Grades 6th-8th Robotics Grades 6th-8th
Neuroanatomy Grades 8th-9th Robotics Grades 9th-10th
Robotics Grades 7th-9th Cardiology Grades 6th-8th
Cardiology Grades 6th-8th   Anatomy & Physiology Grades 4th-6th
      Intro to Engineering Grades 4th-6th
      Marine Science Grades 6th-8th